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The Support You Need to Succeed
as an Online Course Creator 

Co-creative course design services and on-demand courses
to help you create successful online courses and virtual programs

Co-Creative Course Design Services

Get your course done the easy way without hiring another agency or consultant. We pair up to create your course by working co-creatively. You get your course designed, developed, and delivered EVEN IF you’ve never created an online course before.

Online Training Courses

Develop your course design skills, ed tech savvy, and edupreneur know-how with our online courses and virtual programs. We train you to do course design right WITHOUT going broke!


Course Design Made Easy.
With a Little Help
From a Friend. 

I help free you from the guesswork and technical overwhelm of online course design by serving as your course design sherpa. With my proven online course design system and online teaching methodology, you’ll  be able to confidently create your online courses, membership sites, and digital products without spending a fortune on another design agency or consultant. I’m ready to guide you each step of the way!  

Struggling to get your course done?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the technology needed to create, publish, and launch an online course?

Wondering how to generate leads and sales for your digital course and product offers?

It's time to put all the stress and overwhelm behind you. Let's do this...TOGETHER!



The Course Build Partners Program is the perfect for solution new and aspiring course creators who want to get their courses done without the guesswork, frustration, and technical overwhelm.

We become partners in course creation, as you work co-creatively with me to fully design, develop, publish and launch your online course, membership program, or digital product.

This program helps you get your course done without getting stuck in the course creation weeds  or having to hire a team of agencies or consultants. 


The Course Design ReBoot  is a course review and evaluation service for course creators who are ready to take their digital courses and products from “Blah” to “Bam!” 

I review and evaluate your course to provide you with the constructive feedback you need to up the value and quality of your course.

Up your coursemanship game without having to guess what’s working and what’s not in your course. 


On demand course design and marketing courses to develop your course design and digital product marketing skills. 

Our online courses are there when you need them. Get the expert training to develop the course design skills you need with our self-access, self-paced online courses. 

Learn how to grow your audience and scale your business with lead-generating starter courses, signature online courses, and  virtual programs EVEN IF you’ve never created any type of digital course or  info product  before.


I love to share my expertise and resources with caring, compassionate course creators. Why? Because I care about quality online learning and teaching.

You’ll find amazing FREE resources on this site. Explore my blog posts and Little FREE  e-Library. 

Discover amazing tips, tools, and strategies for online course creators. Be sure to bookmark us and come back often.

Be sure to download the FREE Blog Post to eCourse Training Guide.

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Co-Creative Course Design
What is It? Who is It For?

Co-creative course design is for new and aspiring course creators who want to create high-value online courses and virtual programs without struggling to do it all on their own.

We offer a personal concierge course design service through our Course Build Partners Program

We also offer small group training and support through Course Camp, our online course design membership program. 

Our self-paced, self-access online courses are always available for just-in-time training for new and aspiring course creators. 

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Which of your services or programs is the best for me right now?

Here’s what we recommend. 

  • If you are a new business owner who needs to focus on generating leads and sales, start with our online courses. These courses will help you grow your business by teaching you how to (1) build an email list from scratch, (2) attract prospective clients/customers with a list building lead magnet, 3) repurpose your content into free or low-priced mini-online course.
  • If you are an established business owner with an email list, a client base, a steady stream of referrals, and/or a live program or workshop that you are ready to turn into an online course, you can start with any of our programs.
  • If your goal is to launch your online course within the next 6-10 months, the Course Build Partners Program would be ideal for you.
  • If you want a comprehensive review and evaluation of a course you want to re-design and re-launch, the Course Design ReBoot is the perfect service for you.
Do I need technical experience in order to benefit for ChangeMaker Courses services and courses?
Absolutely not! We’re here to guide you each step of the way. You’re the subject matter expert, and we are the instructional design experts. It’s a perfect partnership!
How will online courses benefit my business?
Online courses benefit solopreneurs and small business owners in three ways:

  1. Online courses help you generate leads and turn leads into prospects
  2. Online courses help you leverage your expertise and time. Instead of staying stuck in the time-for-money trap, you can scale your growth with a high-value digital course that runs on autopilot.
  3. Online courses help you retain clients/customers and generate repeat sales. It’s much easier to generate sales from people who have purchased your services or programs in the past because they already know, like, and trust you. You’ve already proven your value to them.
What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?
Well, we would be sad, but all of our programs, course, and services come with a time-limited, money-back guarantee.
I still have a question. How can I contact you?
We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send Jessie an email at info@jessiehayden.com.

Hi, I'm Jessie.

What happens when you mix vision and edupreneurship with compassion and a desire for positive change? You get a change-making course creator.

ChangeMaker Courses exists to help you leverage your passion and expertise into a high-value online course.

We work together to co-create an expertly designed online course, one that will profoundly engage your learners and change their lives.

Whether you are a veteran, new, or aspiring course creator, we at ChangeMaker Courses, are committed to helping you create online courses and programs that fulfill tangible learning outcomes and goals, stress higher-order thinking, engage active learning, and help grow and scale your business.

Join us and become a change-making course creator today!


I hired Jessie to give me some feedback on how to make my Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp a better online class. Her feedback blew me away! She was so detailed and in-depth and gave me actionable tips to take my class from good to GREAT! I’m so thankful for her tips and expertise. I’d highly recommend working with her!

Judi Otton

CEO, Growthcast, Creator of the Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp

“For years I had been teaching a program on how to start and build a sustainable business and for years I’d been trying to figure out how to streamline it into a course. Yet it only took a few hours with Jesse and her Course Blueprint process to get it all mapped out… Many people focus solely on the marketing of a course without thought to how it’s structured so that it’s actually effective for the people taking it. The Course Blueprint is a necessary step for anyone looking to create an effective course (with results!). “

Shelly Brockman

Business Strategist & Coach, WE Street Society

“Jessie is thorough, resourceful, comprehensive, and committed. Her passion for creating the most engaging learning experience belies every element of her online instructional design. Her Rudiments course is my go-to and I refer to it for every course I write. As my colleague and co-conspirator, she gets things done and keeps me on my toes!! I love, love, love working with her! If you’re ready to embark on the e-learning path, I can think of no better navigator. “

Sharon Corpening

Brand Architect & Content Creator, Shaston Writes!

Online Course Design Resources

The 7-Day Content Repurposing Challenge

Maximize the impact of your content. In just 7 days, you’ll repurpose one content item into many. It’s time to drive more traffic to your site, increase your credibility, reach a wider audience, and more!

The ChangeMaker Newsletter

Get the CHANGEMAKER NEWSLETTER. In this bi-monthly publication, I share my best tips and strategies for designing successful, high-value online courses that will resonate with your fans, clients, and customers.

The ChangeMaker Courses

Please join me and fellow for change-making course creators from around the globe. ChangeMaker Courses is committed to helping course creators like you design courses designed for positive change.  

The eCourse Whisperer Blog

Want expert tips on course design tools,  strategies, and best practices? Then, head on over to my blog.  My posts  will inspire you to learn more, do more, and teach more no matter where you are on your course creation journey. 

Partner with an Expert. Find Your Course Purpose.
Create Your Course.

Grow and Scale.


It’s there,  just waiting to be fully realized. Your course will be a game-changer and a change-maker. Your course will change lives, solve important problems, close knowledge and skill gaps.  

There’s just one problem. Dreaming about making an impact with an online course is one thing…making it happen is another.

Let’s get together and make your course creation dreams come true!

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Your Course Creation Journey Today!