Have you ever (or are you) struggling to find your true course purpose?

Are you worried that your course idea or topic is too vague, too bland, not marketable, uninspiring, or not profitable?

Well, those days are over because I have a solution for you.

Use this simple, 3-step process to find your TRUE course purpose WITHOUT spinning your wheels for hours or days on end.

Okay, so here’s your hack.

STEP 1: Discover your answers to these 3 questions:

  • What is the change or transformation I’m seeking for my learners?
  • How can I design that change or transformation into the course?
  • What changes or transformation will I be able to observe in my learners when they’ve completed the course?

STEP 2: Repurpose your responses to these three questions into a descriptive, niched down course idea.

For example, let’s say you’re seeking to change your target learner’s relationship with their teenage children from hostile and combative to respectful and empathic.

You determine that you can design that change into your course by providing case-based scenarios, role-playing exercises, and thought-provoking discussion.

You believe that the change you will be able to observe in your learners when they complete your course is productive, civil, and compassionate interaction with their teenage children.

So…a descriptive, niched down idea for your course would be: How to create a positive, productive relationship with your teenage child(ren)

STEP 3: Validate your course idea.

Do this by inviting everyone on your email list to get on the pre-enrollment notification list for your upcoming course, so that they can be the first in line to take your course once it’s launched.

If you don’t have an email list, send a personal email to family and friends on your personal contact list. Invite them to get on the pre-enrollment list for your course.

Finally, create a free or low cost optin offer, such as a digital download or mini e-course, that will give people a taste of the ‘real’ course. Use the optin offer to create a sales funnel that generates leads and prospects for your bigger, better course.

Okay, that’s it. It’s really IS that simple to find your course purpose.

Follow these three steps and you’ll be well on your way to success and profitability for any online course (heck, any type of course) that you will ever create.

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