The primary goal of an online course, or any course for that matter, is to fulfill a set of learning outcomes or objectives for the learner.

However, we can create an even more engaging experience for our students if we take full advantage of the visual environment where our online courses to live. 

That means putting some effort into the overall aesthetic appeal of our online courses. When consciously manipulate the visual design of our courses, they become visually as well as mentally and intellectually stimulating. 

Now, I know you’re thinking, “But wait I’m not a visual or graphic designer.” Well, that makes two us because neither am I. But I think we owe it to our students, who are after all paying to access our courses, to make their time in our courses a meaningful and pleasurable experience. 

To fulfill that goal, we take it upon ourselves to apply just a few simple design elements to our courses that will make them stand out in a crowded field and increase the “Wow!” factor of our courses. 

Are you in? Great, let’s do this!

So let’s review 8 simple ways that you can make your online courses more beautiful EVEN IF you have no visual design skills. 

#1 – Create a color palette 
Create a color palette for your online course. This one is easy because most commercial LMS platforms enable custom branding, so it’s easy to create a well blended color scheme for an online course. Thinkific, Teachable, CourseCraft, LearnWorlds, Podia, etc. all offer this custom branding design feature. 

#2 – Create a typography scheme – You’ll also want to be selective and consistent in your use of font types throughout your course. Need help finding the perfect font pairing? Just search online or refer to sites like fontjoy. Then, use fonts consistently for any text pages within your course. That is, use the same font type for headings and the same font type for paragraph text throughout your course. 

#3 – Communicate visually with images, graphics, and infographics – Use visual elements throughout your course. You’ll want to add images, graphics, and infographics strategically and meaningfully throughout your course. Canva, Unsplash, PicMonkey, and Pixabay are all great resources for finding and creating awesome images and graphics for your online course. 

#4 – Create a template design for your video tutorials and audio-visual slide deck presentations – Design for consistency by creating a design template for your video tutorials and/or your slide presentations. This will actually save you a ton of time because you can re-use the same template each time you record a video lecture or presentation.  

#5 –  Make Use of White Space – Make use of white space in your course — on text pages, on infographics, and on your slide presentations. Just use key words and images to convey concepts and information on your slides.

#6 – Design headers for text pages – Create headers for text pages within your course. Just be sure that your colors are an exact match with your course color palette. Here’s an example from one of my courses.  

online course page header

#7 – Keep navigation buttons placement and design consistent – Most commercial learning management system platforms have built-in navigation features, so this might not be an issue for your course. If you opt to host  your course on your website, you’ll need to make sure your course navigation icons and place are consistent throughout your course.  

#8 – Create a visually appealing course landing page – It is critically important that you put some thought into the design of your course landing page. If you need to, hire an expert to create your course landing page. You can find reasonably priced landing page designers on sites like Fiverr. 


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