Helping You Create Your Course to Grow Your Business with Ease.

 I’ll help you take the guesswork out of online course design, so you can grow and scale your business. With the ChangeMaker Courses design methodology, you can confidently create online courses, course sites, digital products, lead magnets, and more, that actually work, all without hiring another consultant or agency.

How can I serve you? 

Hey There! I’m Jessie.

Founder & eCourse Whisperer | ChangeMaker Courses

I was born to teach. It’s really that simple. You see, teaching is in my blood. In fact, I’m a third generation teacher. I was also made to create courses, my own and the one that lives inside you that is yearning to be set free. 

As an award-winning educator, instructional designer, and learning design strategist with over 20 years of experience in higher education, rest assured that I can help you bring your online course to life. It’s all about coordinating just the right mix of creative vision, course design methodology, and technical savvy. 

My joy manifests itself in training and coaching new and aspiring course creators by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and systems they need to be successful online edutrepreneurs. And I can’t wait to work with you!

My Approach & Values

It all starts with you.

As a change-making professional, with a one-of-a-kind business, you offer something no one else can. You are changing lives by sharing your knowledge, skills, and expertise with an audience that needs precisely what you alone can provide.

The problem is that your reach and impact are limited as long as you restrict yourself to working on a one-to-one basis or doing live workshops. The truth is that as much as you love your work and your clients, you are in danger of spreading yourself too thin and burning yourself out. And when that happens, everyone loses.

You need to scale your programs, services, or offerings without losing the intimate and relational quality of your work.

It’s time to grow and scale with online courses and virtual programs, so that you can create a leveraged income stream and build a business without borders or limits.

Your Time Is Now
Maybe your project idea has been brewing for years. Maybe you’ve put your project idea on indefinite hold because the myriad of tasks associated with developing an online course or online membership program just seems too daunting.

It’s time to share your passion with the world. Together we can bring your vision to life.

What I Can Do for You
I offer you a proven methodology for transforming your knowledge and expertise into digital courses and products that will give your target audience a new set of skills, offer solutions, and help them create better lives.

Whether you choose to work co-creatively with me or you opt to enroll in my courses, I will teach you how to create your own online courses, digital training products, online academies, membership sites, and other types of learning products. 

It’s time to take action — to learn more, so that you can do more and be more. 

My Experience

  • 20+ years designing curricula and courses in higher
          educational settings
  • Online course design training, coaching, and consulting
          services for edupreneurs and small business owners
  • Online course review and evaluation services

My Education

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  • Masters of Science in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English as a
          Second Language
  • Additional graduate-level course work in Instructional Design
          and Technology
  • Advanced Online Course Design Certification

I Work With Coaches, Creatives, Consultants, and Change-Making Professionals


Let’s work together, co-creatively, to design, develop, and launch your course! 


Get an expert ‘audit’ of course you’ve already launched or have nearly completed. Use my detailed feedback to guide the redesign (‘reboot’) the course. 


Our courses are currently full.

"Jessie is thorough, resourceful, comprehensive, and committed. Her passion for creating the most engaging learning experience belies every element of her online instructional design. She gets things done and keeps me on my toes!! I love, love, love working with her! “

Sharon Corpening, Brand Architect and Content Creator, Shaston Writes!

"Jessie helped me reach my clients in a whole new way. The personal money management courses that she helped me develop have not only helped me better educate my clients, they have helped my clients to make profound changes in their lives that lead to greater financial savings and security."

Steve H., Financial Advisor

"Working with Jessie was fantastic. She is very passionate, thorough, and fully equipped to design the best site for your business. I am very pleased with the design she created. I received great feedback. I am forever grateful for Jessie. She stamped the seal on my business!”

Stephanie Twum, Personal Fitness Trainer, TWUM FITNESS

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