It started innocently enough. I was simply trying to solve a problem. I was planning a course for a group of students who were all working full-time. Many of them lived 2-3 hours from the urban college campus where the course would be taught. Although these students were willing to commit to 16 weeks of a horrible commute to attend a weekly class, I did not want them to suffer through such a dismal experience.

 It was time to find an alternative way to teach my students.

 Luckily, I found a better way. The solution was to transform my course into an online course, or e-course, and to transform myself into an elearning designer and instructor. Solving that dilemma proved to be the start of my journey into online teaching and learning.

 Fast forward 15 years, and I am still discovering new ways to design and deliver online courses. Fortunately for me and others in my field, technological innovations have enabled the elearning landscape to evolve in ways that makes education and training accessible to would be learners well beyond traditional institutions of learning.

 So what does this mean for you?

 The upshot of all this is that education and skills training have never been so attainable.

With sites like Udemy, Coursera, not to mention a host of online course platforms, it has never been easier share knowledge and expertise to create online learning experiences for others.

And there are so many great educational technology tools available for creating learning content. I think it is fair to say that we are experiencing an unparalleled learning revolution, the e-learning revolution.

This revolution is changing lives, and it can change yours too.

 If you possess expertise, knowledge, or skills in a specific area, maybe it’s time you shared that expertise with the world. Online learning can open that path for you. You can enrich your own life and the lives of others in the process.

Let the light shine on your knowledge, expertise and skills. Craft what you know into a course that you can deliver through the virtual format of your choosing – an online learning platform, a website, blog, YouTube channel, email, a webinar, a video tutorial, or even a mobile app.

 So, what are you waiting for? Join the teaching and learning revolution.

 Need help getting started? Shoot me an email, and be sure to check out these awesome free resources.



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