Grow Your Audience with an online Course WITHOUT Creating anything from scratch!


  • Save time by creating 100% new course materials from content you’ve already written.
  • Don’t waste effort connecting with the wrong people! Instead, connect with your tribe by leveraging your best work.
  • Focus on what you do best, not on becoming a tech wizard. My step-by-step guide includes user-friendly resources for you to create, polish, and launch a professional course without having to wade through complicated hoops.
  • BONUS: I share my proven 4-step approach to transform your work from another quick, forgotten free course to actionable, memorable information your students will be excited to implement in their own lives.

What you get with the Changemaker ‘Grow Your Audience’ eBook:


Clear, Concise "How To" Instructions for brainstorming, writing, recording, and creating the online 'home' for your own mini-course that will build your audience.


A fail-proof method to transform existing content into an e-course-- saving you time and money.


A comprehensive resource list including the tools I use to create, publish, and share your course with the world.


Precise action steps to transform your content from 'informational' to 'actionable'.


"To Do" checklists for every single step to keep you on track.


I’ve been thinking of launching a course, but was stumped to come up with the ‘perfect idea’. Jessie’s free guide completely transformed how I was thinking of things! Instead of trying to come up with something new, I identified what was already resonating with my readers and built on that! My course practically wrote itself!”



Brainstorm, write, and launch your course in under a week!

Follow my simple, 5-step process designed to help you grow your audience, demonstrate your value, and leverage your knowledge and expertise without creating anything from scratch.

Who is the author?

Who is the author?

Jessie Hayden, Founder & eCourse Whisperer

Hey There! 

I’m Jessie and a veteran, award-winning educator and online course design coach/consultant.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, and I work with coaches and creatives across the globe.

I help these change-making professionals  transform their one:one coaching programs and live training workshops into profitable online courses and membership programs that CARE.

If you’re a coach or creative who is ready to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact, I can get you there!

Best,  Jessie  

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Grow Your Audience with an Online Course WITHOUT Creating Anything from Scratch