course design reboot

Take Your Online Course From “Blah” to “Bam” Today!


 You have an online course or virtual program.

Maybe you’ve even launched your course or program a time or two. Now you are ready to revise and improve it.

You need the Course Design ReBoot!

  • I meet with you virtually to learn about your course — what’s working, what’s not, and we talk about your goals for your course redesign. 
    • You give me access to your course, so I can review it.  
    • I conduct a comprehensive audit of your using my custom online course evaluation tool that focuses on the 8 KEY STANDARDS for exemplary, high-value online course design. 
    • Then,  I provide you with a detailed report that we’ll discuss in-person during a video conference call. This feedback session takes about 90 minutes.  
    • During the feedback session, I provide you with detailed feedback and suggestions for ways to improve your course. 
    • I’ll also share course design resources with you that you can use for your course revisions and re-design. 
    • I’ll even help you create a timeline for getting your revisions completed and your course relaunched.

      What’s not to love about this service?




    • You want a higher-quality course that you can offer at a premium price.


  • You value expertise and are eager to apply professional, constructive feedback on your course.


  • You’re willing to invest in a service that will help improve the quality of your online programs and courses.


  • You believe in your course and want to maximize its impact.


  • You’re eager to advance your online course design skills. 


Take your course from “Blah” to “Bam!”


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