Every course has a story. A story that is uniquely tied to its creator no matter for whom the course is intended.

In fact, I would venture so far as to say that the courses we create, and aspire to create, say as much about us as they do about the needs and goals of our target audience.

I was slow to realize this about my own courses (more on that in a minute), but it became crystal clear to me when I started working 1:1 with clients to help them create their own custom online courses.

I’m thinking in particular of my client Jenna (not her real name), who is a certified master naturalist and nature coach. Jenna came to me with a dream of helping children and adults engage more meaningfully with nature.

As we dove into Jenna’s course design, her course story began to unfold. What is her story? You ask.

Well, Jenna, I learned, was raised in a home that bordered the side of a mountain in Virginia. During the course of her childhood, her parents were able to purchase about 200 acres of that mountain, so that they could protect it from development.

Jenna grew up wandering through the forests of that mountain, which is how she acquired her love of nature and her fascination with trees, plants, and wildlife. It is also what led her to pursue her master naturalist certification, open a non-profit, and become a nature coach.

So you see, Jenna’s course is really about more than just sharing her extensive knowledge. It goes beyond simple information dumping. It is more inspired than that.

At its core, Jenna’s course is a LOVE STORY. Her course is a tribute to the forest of her childhood. Her course enthuses and engages her audience because it is a COURSE WITH A STORY.

Just after the holidays, I’ll be launching the COURSE CAMP membership program, a core offering of ChangeMaker Courses.

Like Jenna’s course, COURSE CAMP’s on-demand courses and video tutorials reveal a part of my story as well.

Want to learn to tell your course story? 

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