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Course Design Framework

Need help mapping out the overall structure and design of your course? Download this framework template and start planning your course today.

5 Digital Technologies to Make Your Videos Interactive

Want to take your videos from mind-numbing to dazzling? Check out these awesome digital tools and make your videos interactive.

10 Tech Tools to Promote Learner Engagement

Keep your students on task and engaged with these amazing tech tools.

The 4 Step Lesson Plan

Need an easy to follow 4-step process to create smokin’ online lessons or digital tutorials? Then, you download this awesome resource.

The Course Creator's Trail Guide

Don’t get lost on the course creation trail again. Follow these trail markers and navigate the twists and turns of course design with ease.

10 Kickass Design Tools

Use these kickass design tools to make your online courses stand out from the crowd.

The Top 10 "DO" Activities

First, download the 4-Step Lesson Plan. Then, download this resource. It showcases tools and tips that will make your course content waaaay more engaging for your students.

Webinar Engagement Strategies

Take the tedium out of your webinars with these simple yet powerful engagement strategies.

master Online course design

Ready to take your course design to the next level? Advance your knowledge and skills with ChangeMaker Courses.

Grow Your Audience with a Mini Online Course WITHOUT Creating Anything from Scratch

This FREE training guide will introduce you to online course design.

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    Quality matters in online course design and instruction.

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