If you’ve ever been subjected to a mandatory, mind-numbingly tedious webinar training, I want you to know that you have my sincere sympathy. I feel your pain.

You would think that given the notorious reputation of webinars as info-dumping, brain-zapping experiences creative edupreneurs would seek to avoid using webinars to launch their online course products and coaching packages. And yet, webinars are now a mainstay of this industry.

The shame of it all is that death by webinar can be easily prevented with the use of just a few simple engagement triggers peppered throughout a webinar presentation.

Yes, it’s time to put a stop to webinar brain melt. It’s time to take the telling out of ‘teaching’. And it’s time to engage webinar audiences in meaningful learning experiences.

It is precisely because I care so deeply about teaching and learning that I want to share some techniques that are guaranteed to take the tedium OUT and put the zing IN to webinar presentations.

So let’s begin with a story.

The Who?

My client Linda, a creativity coach, offers mastermind webinars as a value-added, packaged feature of her 4-month “Creativity Launch Pad” Coaching Program.

Linda’s clients in this program participate in weekly 45-minute Creative coaching sessions as well as four monthly virtual mastermind workshops.

Linda called me just after her second launch of the “Creativity Launch Pad” Coaching Program.

Linda informed me that her mastermind webinars were suffering from high attrition rates and lackluster reviews from her clients.

She wanted to know what she could do to improve her clients’ experience in her webinars. Specifically, she wanted to learn how to keep her clients actively engaged in the webinars. And she wanted to improve her webinar attendance rates?


Here’s how I helped Linda solve her “Death by Webinar” dilemma. I provided her with three simple solutions to turn her webinars into engaging learning experiences for her clients.

First, I helped Linda redesign her webinar presentations and demonstrated how to add interactive features and techniques to these virtual mastermind events. After reviewing an array of options, I made the following recommendations to Linda.

Recommenation #1 – Make strategic use of the webinar software’s live chat feature

Linda was barely using the live chat feature of her webinar software during her webinars. This only served to exaggerate the one-way communication that tends to plague webinars and cause participants to fade out.

To make her webinars more interactive, I showed Linda how to use the live chat as a strategic learning and engagement tool during her webinar events. Now, Linda prompts her clients to use the live chat area to posts their responses to an array of webinar engagement triggers that are listed in Recommendation #2 below.

Recommendation #2 – Webinar Engagement Triggers

I provided Linda with a list of interactive teaching techniques. Among the techniques listed were:

  • Y/N polling questions
  • Presentation Reaction Questions
  • Pause Procedures –> Predict, Experience, Reflect
  • 3-Sentence Essays
  • Picture Prompts
  • Think Breaks

Recommendation #3 – Webinar WorkSheets

I helped Linda design fill-in-the-blank webinar worksheets to promote her clients’ active listening and engagement during the webinar sessions.


The third launch of Linda’s course started a few weeks ago. The first webinar received positive reviews from her students and generated a lot of discussion in her Creativity Launch Pad FB group. Linda is a happy camper. And best of all she’s learning to teach, not tell.

Got any great webinar engagement strategies or techniques? Have a question about webinars? Please post your comments below.