As many of you know, I not only create and sell my own online courses, I also work co-creatively with individual clients to ‘shepherd’ them (or maybe I should say ‘sherpa’ them) through the course design process.

All Course Creators Get Stuck 

One of the things I’ve observed repeatedly is that all of my clients get stuck at particular phases of their course creation journey. In fact, getting stuck is so routine that I have come to think of it as a right of passage for course creators.

How to Get Out of a Course Design Log Jam

When they reach a course design log jam, most of my clients become very apologetic. They feel like they’ve let me down. They feel like they’ve let themselves down. But the truth is they are simply going through the natural evolution of a creative journey. No apologies needed.

Over the years, I have employed a few simple remedies to help my course creation clients get unstuck. I want to share the three most effective remedies with you. Here they are.

Remedy #1 – Talk about your project with someone who really gets you and who is a good listener. Tell that person about your vision for your course. Catalog the work you’ve completed, the work that is still in process, and the work that is causing you fits. Ask for this trusted person’s input. Often, simple dialog will be enough to break the creative log jam, and before you know it, you’ll be up and running again.

Remedy #2 – Jump ahead and start working on something else related to your course but not the actual course itself. For example, go build the sales page for your course, or write a series of 5-7 promotional emails for your course. Plan the social media campaign for your course, etc. Just take a break from constructing the course itself because often by tackling tangentially related tasks, you will find the path that will take you forward in your course construction.

Remedy #3 – Enroll in a competitor’s free webinar or free course. Pay close attention to how your competitor has set up his/her course, how the content has been sequenced and structured, and examine any resource materials and/or bonus content provided in the course. This will definitely help cure your course creator’s block.

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