When it comes to books, chocolate, and educational technology, my appetite is fairly insatiable. I am not one of those teachers or course creators who seeks a comfortable groove to course design or instruction.

My personal belief is that taking a cruise control approach to anything in life, whether we’re talking course design or aerobic exercise, is a surefire path to apathy and burnout.

Trust me, I have seen it happen. I have even had to pull myself back from the ledge a few times over these many years in my profession. Suffice it to say that I am always looking for new inspiration — from mentors, colleagues, books, articles, and new technologies. 

In an effort to pay my inspiration forward, I want to share with you five fabulous tech tools that will rock your course content. Each of the tools I am about to show you will add a new dimension of interactivity and engagement to your online courses.

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Ready to be “Wowed!” Here they are.

The 5 Best Tech Tools for Creating Interactive Online Course Content

ThingLink – This amazing educational technology enables you to annotate images and videos with additional links. This is tool to use for teaching just about anything.   

Great Big Story –  Great Big Story is a global storytelling platform. If you are looking for inspiring stories to add thought-provoking content or case-based based scenarios to your online courses, you will find it here.  

Play Posit – Free your students from “death by video” by with Play Posit. With this tech tool, you can enrich video content with powerful interactions. You can upload videos from multiple sources and easily add interactive elements like a table of contents, sidebar comments, searchable/downloadable notes, quizzes, and learner feedback. 

Flippity – Use Flippity to turn a Google spreadsheet into a set of online flashcards.

ofCourseBooks  – Create branded, embeddable workbooks for your online courses with this awesome app. You can link or embed your workbooks on any course platform or website. 

I hope you find as much inspiration as I have from these wonderful ed tech tools. Try one or two of them out, and then share your experience(s) in the comments section below. 

Then again, you might prefer to have an expert add some high-impact, interactive features to your course. For that, you might want to hire me, so that you have more time to focus on your business.

If you’d like me to help make your course beautiful, I’d be delighted to give you a 30-Minute Course Chat, so we can come up with a course topic and strategy perfectly tailored to your business!

Until next time…