Imagine this scenario.  

Let’s say you are a business coach who offers one-on-one programs and online courses.

Someone lands on your website because they’ve been searching for ideas help to grow their business. The first thing they see is your signature coaching package, which is a high-priced program that they can’t afford.

If you are lucky, your site visitor will keep browsing your site. They see that you offer online courses. So they visit your course page, and they see your that you offer a course that mirrors your signature coaching program.

Awesome! The course sells for $389. Your site visitor can afford the payment plan option for your course, but here’s the deal. This is your site visitor’s first point of contact with you. How likely do you think it is that your visitor is going to make what for this person to make what will be for him/her a major investment at that first contact?  

Probably not likely, right?

So my clients, who are typically coaches and creatives, are trying to sell high-end coaching programs and online products.  On average, their programs and products range from $300 – $5,000.

My clients are serious about generating, nurturing, and converting leads through their websites and social media platforms.

They know that they have to be smart about creating effective sales funnels for both their high-priced programs and their mid-tier priced online courses.

They know that they need to forge and build potential new client/customer relationships by offering no-cost or low-cost digital products.

So today I’ll share with you the 8 functions of a sales converting lead magnet that coaches, creatives, and course creators need to grow their audience and sell their programs and courses.

The 8 Key Function of Sales Converting Lead Magnets

Key Function #1 – A lead magnet should focus on one very specific offer to solve one very specific problem for a target (identifiable) audience.

Key Function #2 – A lead magnet should promise to provide the solution to that one very specific problem.  

Key Function #3 – A lead magnet should deliver on its promise (and provide the actual solution).  

Key Function #4 – And that solution should be easy to implement in order to provide a quick solution.

Key Function #5 – A lead magnet should forge a connection with a target audience to build trust and sustained engagement.

Key Function #6 – A lead magnet should look professional. It should have a high quality visual design and be well-written (clear, concise copy).

Key Function #7 – A lead magnet should  solve a problem that the target audience for whom it is intended really cares about and wants to solve.

Key Function #8 – A lead magnet should be very easy to access and implement.  

So now you know what a lead magnet needs to do, but which types of lead magnets are most likely to generate the most leads and sales conversion rates?

The list below features the types of lead magnets that yield the highest conversion rates.

List of High Sales Converting Lead Magnets

  • Cheat sheet
  • Checklist
  • eBook
  • Podcast
  • Quiz
  • Script
  • Template
  • Swipe file
  • Tool or toolkit
  • Workbook or worksheet

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