I think that all aspiring (and inspiring) course creators have at least one course that they just have to create. It’s simply non-negotiable. Life will simply not be complete until they create that course. 

 A “have-to-create” course can spring from a variety of internal and external forces, but the most common are:  

• A well-spring of knowledge or expertise
• A life-changing experience
• A passion-fueled hobby
• A commitment to a noble cause or endeavor  

The course creation impetus for my coaching clients falls into each of the above categories. And my own “have-to-create” course, The ADDIE Trek, is a culmination of my 24 years in higher ed as a teacher, trainer, and instructional designer.  

For course creators, creating that “have-to-create” course seems to mark a pivotal turning point in their lives. It also seems to unleash them.  

In fact, I have observed time and again that once course creators get their “have-to-create” course out of their system, something magical happens.

Suddenly, a whole world of teachpreneur possibilities opens up to them. They are able to see instructional possibilities in further flung areas of their knowledge, skills, expertise, passion, and/or intentional pursuits. And it’s a beautiful thing.  

So what does this mean for you?

If you are on the fence about creating your first course, I would urge you to examine what might be holding you back.

Ask yourself: Is it fear of technology? Task dread? Lack of a procedure or process? 

If you’ve started your course and now find yourself stuck, I would urge you to get the support you need to get unstuck, so that you can get your course done. 

Some options you could consider are engaging an accountability partner, utilizing a time management software tool or app, or hiring a course design coach. As it happens, and I happen to know a very good one, ahem, me. 

But here’s the bottom line. If you create that course, the one you have to create, it’s going to open up a world of opportunities for you and your business. 

It’s not only going to help your business thrive, it’s also going to unleash your creativity in ways you cannot even imagine yet.

It will lead you to partners who will want to collaborate with you and who will help promote your course and your work. 

It will bring more wonderful clients and customers into your midst. And those clients and customers will also want to promote your programs and courses. 

In short, your course, the one you have to create, is going to transform you, your business, and the way you do business. 

And you deserve to have that experience. You deserve more revenue, more impact, and more recognition. You deserve all the amazing things that happen when you share what you know and love with the world. 

And it all starts with that first course. You know the one. You one you have to create.
To your course creation success!


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