I belong to several online forums and Facebook groups for online course creators. Probably one of the most frequently asked questions that I see posted in  these forums is “How much should I charge for my course?”

This always makes me sad because I think that in most cases the reason folks are asking this question is because (a) they have no notion of online course design standards and practices, and (b) they don’t know how to design a course with the learner experience in mind.

The only way for course creators to close these course design knowledge gaps is by learning what high-quality online course design embodies. And then they have to develop sufficient skill to manifest high-quality design into their online courses. Getting to this point requires at least some combination of education, training, and experience on behalf of the course creator.

A much better alternative, in my opinion, is to work with an experienced online course creator/instructional designer, which where I come in.

My goal as an online course design coach/trainer/mentor is to help my clients and students create beautifully designed courses that hit all the marks for high-value and high learner engagement.

You see, the question I want my clients and students to be asking long before they price their courses is “How much value am I designing into my course for my target learners?” 

My clients can identify the value and learner engagement features of their online courses, so they aren’t left guessing how to price their courses. They know that these key features meet the gold standard for online teaching and learning and add monetary value to their online courses:

  • Learner Onboarding
  • Course Tech Overview and Training (if needed)
  • Visual design consistency
  • Content structure consistency
  • Video tutorials and Screencasts
  • Application Activities
  • Live Interaction (virtual, live Q&A sessions)
  • Course Community Forum (Slack Channel, Facebook Group, Twitter Feed, Google Groups, Ning, Mighty Networks)
  • Student Feedback
  • Social Sharing
  • Reflective Activities

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