If you are using PowerPoint, Evernote or other presentation software for your online courses, you want to dazzle your audience and keep them engaged.


You can do that by preparing your voice-over script to be clear, concise, authentic, and storyful. (I just made that word up, but be sure to blend artful storytelling into your presentations).


And keep your slide designs simple.Yes, simple slide designs stand out and pack a powerful punch. Don’t believe me?


Just browse some print media ads or take a lead page tour on the web, and you’ll see the power of simple design in action. When you combine stunning imagery with killer copy or narrative, you have a winning formula for all types of platforms that combine visual with textual elements. Just think web design, digital marketing, blogs, and eCourses.


To get up close and personal with award winning slide design, let’s examine some exemplary presentations from three masterful design experts. Each of the design experts featured below knows how to harness winning slide design principles with key communication strategy.


As you view their presentations, take note of what stands out for you.


For instance,


  • What aspects of these presentations appeal to you both in terms of visual design and narrative structure?
  • What types of visual design elements do you see (e.g. – images, font types, font colors, background color, slide design, shapes, etc)?
  • How are the presentations visually structured and organized?
  • How do each of these presentations balance visual design elements with narrative content?
  • What features or aspects of these presentations would you want to use in your own presentation design?


3 Expert Presentation Designers


# 1 – Nancy Duarte – Nancy Duarte is an expert in communication and presentation design. She has written and spoken extensively about narrative-driven design. I highly recommend her book Slide:ology, and be sure to check out her TEDTalk. You can check out Duarte’s impressive presentation portfolio here.


#2 – 24 Slides Blog – Founded by Tobias Schelle, 24 Slides is on a mission to “make the world smaller,one slide at a time.” Go visit their blog site. It will not only inspire your slide design, it also offers a goldmine of blog posts and other learning resources that will help you rock your own slide design.


#3 – Garr Reynolds – Garr Reynolds is a communications consultant and an award winning designer, writer and musician. He has a Zen-based approach to presentation design that will knock your socks off. Garr shares his presentation tips on his blog site. Be sure to visit there to soak up some learning as often as you can!


Are you ready to harness the power of simple in your own presentations?

Check out these awesome, free template designs and start applying the design principles of the masters to your own presentations.

Slide Carnival
Google Slides
Slide Hunter
Nancy Duarte’s own Slidedocs

And, of course, free resources in the Course Creator’s Free eLibrary!