While it might seem counterintuitive (or, heck, even illogical), as edupreneurs we can reap significant rewards from teaching outside the boundaries of our expertise comfort zone.

Here’s why.

When we stay in our “I’m an expert on this course topic” comfort zone, we risk becoming an anxious, burnt-out, caricature version of our best teacher self. We can’t grow from a place of cognitive stagnation, even if this is a place that gives us a cherished sense of safety and security.

Over the years, I’ve seen too many formerly inspired and inspiring course creators and teachers lose their luster. These folks made the mistake of staying wedded to their one signature course for too long. This brings them to a point where they can’t find the meaning in their course content or their students’ “aha!” moments anymore. Teaching their courses starts to feel a bit like watching endless reruns of their favorite television series.

If you are getting to that point with your signature course now, or if you want to avoid getting to that point with a course or program you’re in the process of creating, I have a solution for you. Tap into your weakest link and teach what you need to know — some new knowledge, skill, attitude, or behavior that you need (or strongly desire) to learn or master.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should capitalize on your weakest links.

The ultimate goal here is that by learning [about] or conquering your areas of deficit, you’ll be setting yourself up to create your next inspired, high-value teaching program or product.

Reason #1 – Your research and/or training on this new-to-you subject matter will open opportunities for you — new networks, new collaborators, new affiliations, new course product lines, new programs, and new promotions and offers.

Reason #2 – Your deep dive into this new subject matter will enable you to see your old course(s) and old content from an altered perspective. This can lead to course content re-design and re-purposing. You’ll be able to put a whole new marketing spin on an old course product.

Reason #3 Your new learning will energize and re-inspire you in ways you can’t even imagine, all of which is good for you and your business.

Reason #4 – Many people have the same gaps as you do. This means that when you have learned enough to resolve a particular gap of your own, you are primed for impact and profit. You can now turn your attention to helping someone else overcome that same knowledge, skill, or behavior gap — and get paid for it. (After all, you did all the work!)

Reason #5 – It’s trite and cliché , but, gosh darnit, learning is good for you. It’s good for your mind, body, and spirit. Plus, there’s the added bonus that resolving weak links or gaps is a huge confidence builder. Who couldn’t benefit from more swag?

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